Course for builders, Classroom Seminar

Architects, Engineers, and Builder's role & function in new house construction. 7CPD
 Avoiding and Resolving in Construction Claims, 3 CPD          
 Builders,Architects,Engineers and Investors Seminar,2 CPD        
 Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading-interior finishing, 3 CPD          
 Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading-Landscape, 3 CPD         
 Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading-Structural Part, 3 CPD         
 Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading-Architectural part, 3 CPD      
 Building Code,Blue Print Reading-Sense of Safety,Demon of Installation of Prefabricated 3 CPD         
Commercial Plumbing System and Inspection Key Points- Online- 2.5 CPD       
Construction Budget,3 CPD        
Construction Budget Management,3 CPD   
Construction Contract and Builders Lien,2.5 CPD
Construction Project Financing and Banking, 2.5 CPD        
Electrical Code,3 CPD        
Energy Step Code,3 CPD        
Financial Management of Construction, 3 CPD   
Foundation analysis and structural steel construction,3 CPD      
How to Avoid Structural Issues in Construction,3 CPD        
How to Prevent Foundation Failures in New Residential Construction,3 CPD        
Light-Frame wood construction,3 CPD        
Mechanical Systems General Introduction in Building Service,3 CPD        
Overview & Highlights of Consultants' Drawings & Doc.for Apartment Projects,3 CPD        
Overview & Highlights of Consultants' Drawings & Doc.for Townhouse Projects,3 CPD        
Overview of Building Structure,3 CPD        
Project and Construction Management,3 CPD        
Project Site Geo-technical Conditions and Code/By-law Requirements,3 CPD        
Residential Styles and Architectural Design Process,3 CPD        
Safe Digging,2 CPD        
Seismic Design Basics,3 CPD        
Seismic Issues in Construction,3 CPD        
Today Interior Finishes,Installation of Interior Finishes,3 CPD        
Safe Digging,2 CPD        
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