Residential Lighting - Online - 7.5 Hours (CPD)

The course will go through the following topics in Residential Lighting and provide insights to the BC builders and professionals.

- The Art of Residential Lighting
- Sun Control Window Films
- Daylight and Window Management with Automated Controls
- Impact of Window Treatments on Commercial Daylight Design
- Digital Art in Architectural Projects 
- Colour and Light
- Expand Modern Ideas Reflected in Colour, Materials and Finishes
- How Colour and Design affect our Physical, Menta, and Social Well-being
- Get the Daylight Your Deserve
- Designing with Architectural Decerative Glass
- Digital Improving Dacade Designs
- Get 3 Steps to Understanding Commercial Solar Lighting Specifications

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate the detailed Residential Lighting but to educate the BC residential builders, architects, designers, realtors and trade people of the fundamentals of Negotiation and how to work effectively for best outcomes.

This online course is facilitated by expert team of CPD Institute.
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