Construction Project Management series 2- Online- 1 Hour (CPD)

This 1 hours online course will be facilitated by a group of Vancity Institute's expert team members: This course develops a specific viewpoint in discussing the participants, the processes and the techniques of project management for construction.
This course "Construction Project Management" was specifically designed and created for BC residential builders to have better knowledge about construction management and technology.
It highlights
  • What is Project Management?
  • Trends in Modern Management
  • Strategic Planning and Project Programming
  • Effects of Project Risks on Organization
  • Organization of Project Participants
  • Traditional Designer-Constructor Sequence
  • Professional Construction Management
  • Owner-Builder Operation
  • Turnkey Operation
  • Leadership and Motivation for the Project Team
  • Interpersonal Behavior in Project Organizations
  • Perceptions of Owners and Contractors

Module 1
Module 2
Quiz 1
Module 3
Quiz 2
Module 4

Course Lessons

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