Introduction to Cost Estimation and Cost Control- Online- 3 hours (CPD)

The course will go through the following topics to introduce the cost estimation and cost control, to provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:
Cost Estimation
* Estimating Direct Costs
* Types of Estimates
* Estimating Techniques
* Estimating Contingency Costs
* Cost Estimation Approaches
* Unit Cost Method of Estimation
* Cost Price Index
Cost Control
* The Cost Control Problem
* Financial Accounting Systems and Cost Accounts
* Schedule Control
* Material Cost Control
* Subcontract Cost Control
* Labor Cost Control

The goal of the presentation is the basic concepts and methods of cost estimation and cost control process, to educate the BC residential builders how to understand these two topics during construction process.

This online course is facilitated by expert team of CPD Institute.

Module 1
Quiz 1
Module 2
Quiz 2
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