Financial Planning and Budget Management for Construction - Series 1- Online- 3.75 Hours (CPD)

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The course will go through the following topics in Financial Planning and Budget Management for construction-Series 1 and provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:
Financial Management
  - Introduction and Defined
  - Financial Plans, Basic Record Keeping
  - Main Financial Elements, Cost Control
Financial Management of Construction
  - Introduction and Financial Analysis
  - Financial Analysis Components, Overhead
  - Financial Ratios, Leverage
  - Debt to Equity Ratio, Efficiency Ratios
  - Working Capital Turnover Ratio
  - Equity Turnover Ratio
  - Cash Planning, Cash Flow Analysis
Financial Management in the Construction Industry
  - Introduction
  - Factors to Consider When Planning the Project Budget
  - Project Cost Control, Cash Management
  - Owner Builder Construction Loans, Types of Construction Loans
  - Money Saving Considerations, Partnerships and Finances
  - Construction Project Management / History
  - 10 Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy
Financial Planning
  - Introduction
  - The Importance of Financial Planning,
  - Financial Planning Activities
  - Components of a Financial Plan
  - The Role of Financial Planning
  - Financial Planning Limitations
Financial Planning and Budge Management,
  - Introduction and Defined
  - Financial Forecasting
  - The 6 Components of a Successful Financial Plan
  - Pro Forma Statements
  - External Reporting
Financial Reporting
  - Introduction
  - Financial Reporting Basics
  - Advantages of Financial Reporting
  - Disadvantages of Financial Reporting
  - Creating Your Own Financial Report
  - High Quality Financial Reports
  - Importance of Transparency
  - Non-Profit Financial Reports
  - Business Financial Reporting
  - Accounting Principles
  - Financial Statement Analysis

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate the detailed Financial Planning and Budget Management for construction-Series 1 but to educate the BC residential builders and trade people of the fundamentals of Financial Planning and Budget Management for construction-Series 1 and how to work effectively for best outcomes.

This online course is facilitated by expert team of CPD Institute.

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