Financial Management of Construction- Online- 3 hours (CPD)

It is critical understand and deal with financial management in the construction business. This course will cover the importance of financial analysis and planning along with cash planning and profit planning. Good financial management looks at past history of the company as well as planning for its future. Management need to understand the basics of why they are making or losing money.
This three hours course will cover:
•    Financial analysis
•    Financial statements
•    Overhead analysis
•    Financial ratios
•    Cash planning
•    Cash analysis
•    Project cash flow
•    Company cash flow
•    Cash flow strategy
•    Profit planning
•    Profit Center analysis
•    Break even analysis
•    Financial planning
•    Investment decisions
•    Financing for growth
•    Tax issues in construction consideration

This course Financial Management of Construction was specifically designed and created for BC residential builders to have better knowledge about construction management and technology.

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