Building System and Fundamentals-Series 1- Online- 10 hours (CPD)

These objectives are to provide in a single volume a compendium of the best of the current knowledge and practices in Building System and Fundamentals. The course will go through the following topics and provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:

* Making Building
* Foundations
* Wood
* Heavy Timber Frame Construction
* Wood Light Frame Construction
* Exterior Finishes For Wood Light Frame Construction
* Interior Finishes For Wood Light Frame Construction
* Brick Masonry
* Stone And Concrete Masonry
* Steel Frame Construction
* Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction

This course Building System and Fundamentals-Series 1 was specifically designed and created for BC residential builders to have better knowledge about construction management and technology.

Module 1
Quiz 1
Module 2
Quiz 2
Module 3
Quiz 3
Module 4
Quiz 4
Module 5
Quiz 5
Module 6
Quiz 6
Module 7
Quiz 7
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