Building Design Series 6- Online- 2.5 Hours (CPD)

The course will go through the following topics in Building Design Series 6 and provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:
Electric Fireplaces: A Stylish, Simple, And Safe Alternative
•    Introduction
•    Electric Fireplaces
•    Applications
•    Versatility of Operation & Installation
•    Economic & Environmental Benefits
•    Further Benefits
•    Summary
LED Retrofit Solutions For Interiors And Exteriors
•    Introduction
•    LEDS: Separating Fact From Fiction
•    LED Retrofit Solutions
•    Benefits Of An LED Retrofit
•    Testing And Certifications
•    Planning An LED Retrofit
•    Case Studies
•    Summary
Floor Warming, Primary Heating, Snow Melting, & Roof De-Icing with PTC Heaters
•    Radiant Heating Options
•    PTC Heating Elements
•    Power Supply & Thermostat
•    Energy Efficiency & Performance
•    Applications & Installation
•    Summary
The Solar-Ready Roof: Optimize The Design
•    Solar System Basics
•    Components
•    Rooftop Applications
•    Solar-Ready
•    Roofing Choices
•    Summary
The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate the detailed Building Design Series 6 but to educate the BC residential builders and trade people of the fundamentals of Building Design Series 6 and how to work effectively for best outcomes.

This online course is facilitated by expert team of CPD Institute.

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