Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading Series 3- Online- 2.5 Hours (CPD)

The course will go through the following topics in Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading Series 3 and provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:
Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading 1
-    Building Codes
-    Understanding Building Codes
-    Modern Interior Finishing
-    Building Codes And Remodeling
-    Stages in Interior Design
-    Interior Design Careers
-    Building Layout Basics
-    Design Plan
-    Tips to Become an Interior Designer
-    Emphasis And Balance In Interior Design
-    A Different Dimension For House Plans
Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading 2
-    Benefits of Design Build Approach to Landscape
-    Benefits of Design-Build Professional
-    Garden Design and Landscaping
-    Landscape Design Plans
-    Landscaping Design Software
-    Online Landscape Design: The Pros and Cons
-    Landscape Design Process: A Step by Step Guide For Homeowners
-    Basic Landscape Design Ideas
Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading 3
-    Building Structural Design for Steel, Wood and Concrete Material Framing
-    5 Benefits of Using Steel in Building Structures
-    Causes of Deterioration in Building Structures
-    How Structural Analysis of Building Works
-    House: A Building, Structure or Shelter That is Home
-    The Importance of Residential Structural Engineering Services
-    Creating New, Exciting House Blue Prints
-    Structural Drawings and Drafting
-    How Structural Design Engineers Help in Offshore Structural Design
-    Utilization of Structural Design and Structural Drawings
-    Quality Assurance for Structural Design and Structural Drawings.
-    Understanding Construction Drawings and The Residential Permit Process
Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading 4
-    What is Architecture?
-    Software Architecture and Design: Goals, Principles and Some Key Considerations
-    Sustainable Architecture Building Materials: Know the Benefits
-    Top 7 Types of Architectural Styles
-    Styles in Architecture
-    Essential Architectural Services
-    Building with Architectural Panels
-    The Emerging Architecture
-    Architectural Design Drawings
-    3D Architectural Rendering
-    Architecture Animation
-    Architectural Fabrication and Drawings
-    Advantages of Outsourcing 2D and 3D Floor Plan Design
-    The Stages of Architectural Design
Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading 5
-    Prefabricated Buildings
-    Understanding Blueprints for House Plans
-    Prefabricated Home Packages
-    How to Find Blueprints of a Building
-    Importance of Building Materials
-    What do You Know About Construction Safety
-    Health and Safety Guidelines in the Construction Sector
-    Know the Different Types of Wall Paneling
-    Tips on Installing Paneling
-    Simple Introduction of Roof Trusses
-    Understanding the Different Types of Roof Trusses
-    Design of Roof Trusses
-    3 Common Mistakes with Roof Trusses Installation

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate the detailed Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading but to educate the BC residential builders and trade people of the fundamentals of Building Code and Basic Blue Print Reading and how to work effectively for best outcomes.

This online course is facilitated by expert team of CPD Institute.

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