An Introduction to Single House Project Management- Online- 21 hours (CPD)--This Course is unavailable for builder's CPD purpose after March 30, 2021

The learners will move through a single house project cycle including initial project bidding/proposals, through single house project implementation and finally to single house project completion phase Upon completion of this online course, learner will develop skills and knowledge of how to manage a single house construction project including the followings: Select and initiate a single house project, Use of job profit forecasting methods to integrate into company forecasting systems Manage a single house project team Understand the components of projects – labour, materials and overheads – and use of techniques to maximize job profitability and minimize costs Develop scope of work for single house projects, Understand the estimating process gain an understanding of single house project processes and constraints encountered by project managers and how to successfully manage a single house project. Have better understanding about blue print reading Have better understanding about related building code Create a comprehensive, integrated single house project plan, Understand the importance of scheduling and use appropriate scheduling tools Understand expectations management and adapt communication accordingly, Communicate project information to single house project owners, Measure and control single house project performance Understand the importance of cash flow projections for construction companies Understand how job costing fits within the overall accounting systems Understand the contract process from bidding to project close-out Adapt the project estimate to a project budget Understand the impact and methodology of construction cost control Use of site and office project cost control methods Better understand sense of construction safety Manage (Monitor and control )single house project risk (Use risk management tools and mitigate for risk) Manage and control change process Close a single house project completely Do post project analysis after project completion

This course An Introduction to Single House Project Management was specifically designed and created for BC residential builders to have better knowledge about construction management and technology.

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