A to Z of Construction Project Management- Online- 21 hours (CPD)---This course is unavailable for builder's CPD purpose after March 30, 2021 

This 21 hours online course will be facilitated by a group of Vancity Institute's expert team members:
This course develops a specific viewpoint in discussing the participants, the processes and the techniques of project management for construction.
This course A to Z of Construction Project Management was specifically designed and created for BC residential builders to have better knowledge about construction management and technology.
-The Owners' Perspective
-Organizing for Project Management
-The Design and Construction Process
-Labor, Material and Equipment Utilization
-Cost Estimation
-Economic Evaluation of Facility Investments
-Financing of Constructed Facilities
-Construction Pricing and Contracting
-Construction Planning
-Fundamental Scheduling Procedures
-Advanced Scheduling Techniques
-Cost Control, Monitoring and Accounting
-Quality Control and Safety During Construction
-Organization and Use of Project Information

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