A Set of Useful Skills That A Designer and An Office Manager Should Know- Online- 9 CEUs (CPD)

This 9 hour online course will provide an overview on customer relations, customer service skills, business planning and business planning management.

By the end of this course, learners will have better understanding of the following:
- Why is Customer Service Important?
- Customer Service: Costs vs. Benefits Analysis
- What do customers expect?
- The 8 Core Principles of Good Customer Service
- 20 Customer Service Techniques
- What Good Customer Service Means
- Bad vs. Good Business Goals
- SMART Goals
- Key Performance Indicators
- Business Planning

Module 1
Quiz 1
Module 2
Quiz 2
Module 3
Quiz 3
Module 4
Quiz 4
Module 5
Quiz 5
Module 6
Quiz 6
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