A Designer's Guide-Online-2 Hours (CPD)

This 2 hours online course will be facilitated by a group of Vancity Institute's expert team members: This course develops a specific viewpoint in discussing the participants, the processes and the techniques of A Designer's Guide.
It highlights;
  • Introduction.
  • Materials Used in Green Architecture
  • Why Is Green Design Important?
  • Advantages of Green Building
  • Disadvantages:
  • Components of Green Building
  • How can we make our buildings green?
  • The Role of Green Design
  • Supportable Building Methods.
  • Domestic Water Piping
  • Building Green-Approved Plumbing Accessories
  • Best Products to Use for A Green Remodel
  • Kindness of Amazon Paint.
  • Guiding Principles for Sustainable Materials
  • Green Building Products & Techniques
  • Green Windows & Doors Resource
  • Designing A Rainwater Harvesting System for Urban Green Roof Irrigation
  • Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting
  • Green Designs Off the Shelf
  • Supportable Homes Have Three Key Components.
  • Eco Friendly Gardens and Landscapes
  • Green Home Building Ideas
  • Conclusion

Module 1
Quiz 1
Module 2
Module 3
Quiz 2
Module 4
Module 5
Quiz 3
Module 6
Module 7
Quiz 4

Course Lessons

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