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CPD Training

We offer all types of CPD training for professional licensees, and we have pre-approved

courses for builders, architects, interior designers, and building professionals (BC

Housing, AIBC, IDCEC, BPI, Gold Seal).

We provides practical, industry specific training to the BC residential construction marketplace CPD Institute  is the premium provider of online quality education for the residential construction industry coast to coast. In collaboration with  industry subject matter experts, CPD Institute has designed and customized online courses specifically for the residential construction market. Each course meets  training requirements and all of the learning outcomes for each subject area.  The online courses combine industry specific training, the internet and digital study materials to deliver online quality education that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over the past years, CPD Institute has kept pace with the home construction industry’s ever changing needs by designing and delivering practical education that meets or exceeds the national benchmarks.

CPD Institute has been created to provide you with the very best training in the residential construction industry. 


We offer builders and developers consulting and supporting services such as bidding, cost estimates, cost control, change order, scheduling, project management, safety, risk control, sub-trades selection, and legal consultation, as well as many more. 


We are different from most project consultancies, and our clients think that we

provide them a unique service experience. Why? Because the overall project success is

not achieved through focus on the end result; it is attained through day-to-day

discipline and attention to detail. This is how money is saved, and how schedules are maintained. This is what our reputation is based on.

Coupon Magazine

couponmagazine is the simple, elegant, and affordable solution for consumers, and is also the solution for businesses who need more customers, a higher brand awareness, and increased market share but don’t want to pay expensive fees for marketing services, Couponmagazine is a comprehensive, mobile, multi-location marketing platform which consumers can take advantage of by conveniently getting coupons wherever they are and anywhere they go. Our company philosophy is to create a win-win situation for everyone: we want consumers to get awesome discounts from their favorite stores, and we want businesses to attract more customers and succeed. we also want to create an opportunity for everyone to make passive income without any out of pocket investment and without any risk as a distributor, not just as a consumers or business.



Our service philosophy is two-dimensional: first, we strive to provide our services at the best level, and second, we can provide comprehensive management services and deliver any customized services to meet our clients’ specific needs.


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